Hot stories and bonus pictures featuring sweet pussy as they get a creampie surprise.

Welcome to the crazy world of creampie surprise, here we hunt down the wildest pictures and the wettest hairy pussy we can find, and each and everyone of these sweet woman take internal cumshots and gooey vaginal creampies. Below you will find out latest finds, along with reviews, stories, movie links, and of course, sweet pictures of pussy pumped and dripping with fresh loads of cum, some of which come at the complete surprise to their unknowning participants.

The Stories and the Surprises

Creampie Stories - We are gonna add tons of great reading material in this area and they all fetaure great stories from hot adventures as woman and couples find discover that they not always get the result they want and a bunch of surprise cumshots end up in places not to the liking of the female recipient.

Here you can find some of the latest creampie entertainment added to the story archives.

  • A Surprise Creampie While Crusing For Sex - Marianne and I have been married for over seven years. We started out as casual friends dating off and on for two years before we married. One of the most interesting things about our dating years was that we both dated other people at the same time. I would take the time to tell her of my escapades and she to me ....

  • Swingings Enjoy A Creampie Surprise - He was just as his emails had said: 36, professional, warm, lusty. However, he had a habit of underestimating his attractiveness. Or maybe it was that the longer I talked with him, the more attractive he seemed. We both resisted breaking our promises to go back to my place, and for my part it was hard. He had these really sexy eyes that made up for ANYTHING time had taken away from him. He seemed to absorb me, capture me. It was thrilling ....

  • A Threesome of Vaginal Cumshots - I love creampies. Plain and simple, I love them. "What are creampies?", you ask. Well, they are pussies that a man has fucked and filled with his cum. Eventually, that cream will leak out. But not when I am around. Instead, I love to stick my tongue in the freshly fucked, wide open pussies, and then to suck out the cum. I am a confirmed creampie eater ....

  • Train Ride Surprise - Just before the train departed, though, a girl came into the room and sat opposite me. She was perhaps 20, cute, with long jet black hair and dark complexion. Her clothes, cut-off shorts and tank top, were cheap but clean. She had that Eastern Europe feel. There wasn't anything overt, but she exuded a smoldering sensuality. I mentally shrugged and attributed it to my constant horniness ....

  • A Surprised Wife Enjoys Creampie - I didn't know what to say. My husband Dave had taken me totally by surprise. So I laid there, tyring to concentrate on what should have been the pleasant fullness of his cock in me, but instead snapping back to the revelation. "Honey, I have something I want to ask," he had begun, moments after he had penetrated my tightness ....

  • Gangbang of Internal Cumshots - My coworker Mark is way too successful a lady's man. He was recently divorced, I thrilled to listen to his exploits. I thought they were mostly BS, because no one could be as successful as he was. Even so, it was fun to listen and fantasize ....

  • Surprise Hurricane Results in Creampie - I had only been to New Orleans once before this trip. During that trip, I had pointedly avoided the Hurricane, a potent drink that makes you seem to lose all common sense. I was on a business trip and the idea that clients would see me smashed kept the drink at bay. This trip's entire purpose was to have as much fun as our time and budget would allow ....

  • Husband is Surprised by his Creampie Slut Wife - I timed my bobs to correspond with his thrusting hips. Scott's cock, purple with need, slid in and out of my wet, red-lipsticked lips effortlessly. My fingers encircled his shaft, stroking in time with my mouth and urging him to cum ....
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    We are always looking for the latest and greatest that the surprise creampie world offers up for us to enjoy so if you find a place that you think would be a great addition to this site please drop a note and give it up. Even if it isn't a surprise event we enjoy all the great action including vaginal cumshots, internal cumshots, and any cum dripping pussy action you discover.

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